About ParcelinQ

Robert Gordon Director of JBT and co-founder of ParcelinQ is confident that the revolution in online shopping which continues to out perform the High Street is key to the growth of this sector and it is exciting that ParcelinQ find themselves in the position to help improve a service in the Highlands that has been lacking for some time. “It is our opinion that purchasers enjoy the increased availability of goods that online shopping provides but it is essential that this is supported with a reliable service that sees goods arrive in a timely fashion and in a method that is convenient to the end user, We are also committed in trying to bring a more cost effective solution to the Highlands that makes online acquisitions much simpler and removes the punitive levies that have been placed on the Highland postcodes with no justifiable reason”.

Providing a national service through local networks

ParcelinQ hopes that the business will continue to expand from the initial fleet of 26 vehicles based in Carsegate Road, Inverness as well as a core of regional based sub-contractors which means that the business also has a focus on sustainability as the existing carriers based with regional knowledge will develop their own businesses and strengthen the delivery Network sustaining existing jobs and keeping employment in rural areas of the Highlands and not simply around Inverness. Michael Beveridge co-director confirmed “It was important for us that the business fits within the region it operates and is sensitive to the locality. It has always been our intention to work with the best providers in their area to protect the jobs of existing workers and at the same time create a strong infrastructure that can develop the business, the availability of IT solution means that we can integrate our business with our partners and have a seemless transfer thereby achieving the best practice for us and the end user”

High Charges to Highlands and Islands

We believe that by offering an efficient shared used delivery service in the Highlands and Islands we will be able to work with other service providers and bring down the excess charges levied into the Highlands that have thus far gone unchallenged. We also aim to offer a quicker and more consistent service from South removing the extended delivery days currently in place by many Networks all resulting in an improved service to the Highlands and Islands and reflecting the needs as online retail continues to develop.